‘Quantum’ by Michael Angelo Caci – June 5th Art Walk @ cmdp

Quantum by Michael Angelo Caci

Join us for the opening of community artist & SAC supporter Michael Angelo Caci’s show of amazing mixed media works.  Michael Angelo’s recent series titled “Quantum” delves into the spaces in-between with images of the Northwest crow atomized and reconfigured in multiple ways- digital and traditional.  These images were first displayed on a website hosted by LUZ Community Outreach Project Website in 2012 developed as a blog associated with a play written by Catherine Filloux and performed at La MaMa Theatre in the Bowery of Manhattan.

“When I started this series of bird images in 2011, I was deeply engrossed in thinking about the similar ‘in-between’ spaces which seem to plague Alexandra and Oliver in the play LUZ; spaces between life and death, growth and stasis, belief and non-belief. There’s this sense of transition and getting a foot caught in a snare or finding that what you thought was important in your life is not so much, that the way you framed the world is perhaps an illusion. In this space, irony rules…”

Opening during First Thursday Art Walk, June 5th from 5–9pm at cmd+p,  201 Yesler Way in Pioneer Square

Can’t make the opening? The show will be hanging during the month of June, available to view every Thursday from 1-6 pm or by appointment – contact Lance @ 206.922.2249 or Lance@effluxcreations.com

cmd+p is a collaboration between Sanctuary Art Center and Efflux Creations. We create art and apparel for social change. Through printing workshops, the gallery, and internships, we help young artists grow and create an integrated community.

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