The Final Edition

The Final Edition: featuring works by Indy & Ezra

It’s been an amazing run, but all beginnings have an end. For the past 3 years, we have worked hard to bring you youth-powered artwork in the form of wearable apparel. Our T-shirt of the Month Club has been a successful venture that we’ve poured tons of time and energy into, and has been a catalyst for creating some really cool shirts.  Over 80 different designs have been created by our continually changing workforce of youth and it has provided each of them the opportunity to experience the excitement and challange of creating a unique, limited-edition, work of art. So Thank You!  To all of you who have supported this club through your membership. It’s been a great ride and we look forward to continuing to design with our youth while shifting the showcase their works to our storefront, on our store’s website, and special events.

 “Hive Mind”        by: Indy     (Men’s Option 1)


3-Color Screenprint on Heathered Blue District 50/50 Blend Tee

“Hive Mind”        by: Indy     (Women’s Option 1)


3-Color Screenprint on Turquoise Tri-Blend Next Level Women’s Crew Tee

“Got your Goat?”        by: Indy     (Men’s Option 2)


2-Color Screenprint on Green Next Level 100% Cotton Men’s Crew Tee

“Got your Goat?”        by: Indy     (Women’s Option 2)


2-Color Screenprint on Green Next Level 100% Cotton Women’s Crew Tee

“Shop Talk”        by: Ezra     (Men’s Option 3)


2-Color Screenprint on Ash Grey District 90/10 Blend Men’s Crew tee

“Shop Talk”        by: Ezra     (Women’s Option 3)


2-Color Screenprint on Heathered Grey Next-Level Triblend Womens Crew tee

“Peace of the Sky”        by: Ezra     (Women’s Option 3)


2-Color Screenprint on Black Next-Level Mens Crew tee

“Peace of the Sky”        by: Ezra     (Women’s Option 3)


2-Color Screenprint on Plum Next-Level  Womens V-neck tee

Note: The actual shirt is a V-neck, not a crew neck as pictured above

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