1.How fast can you get my shirts printed?

Our Typical Turnaround time is 5-10 business days. If you need them sooner, we can make it happen, but there may be a Rush charge depending on our production schedule.  We’ve delivered 98% of our orders on-time and to happy customers.

2. Can I supply my own shirts?

You can. There are some stipulations though.  We prefer there be more than 20 pieces, or coupled with a larger run of garments that you are ordering through us. Please provide extras of each color and size when available, as we cannot guarantee  100% accuracy. The printing process is messy and mistakes happen. We cannot be responsible for the cost or replacement of provided garments either.  It is almost always easier and more cost effective to have us provide the garments, as we receive great wholesale pricing and pass the savings along to our customers. If you are supplying your own garment surcharges may apply.

3. Can I take a tour of your facilities?

Hecks yes, come down and check out our digs. Please call ahead though so we can know you are coming and can give you some attention. We’d love to show you around our printshop where you can see the process firsthand. Chances are you’ll have a whole new appreciation and insight into our elaborate labor of love.  We also have a second location where we feature our apparel art prints. It is one-part Gallery, one-part Retail Shirt Boutique, and one-part Custom Print and Art Studio. Both Addresses and Directions can be found here.

3. Can I Volunteer, Help out and Learn Screenprinting?

For certain. We can always use some helpful and eager folks around to help out. Depending on your level of commitment and experience we can fit you into our day-to-day, every-once-in-awhile, or even just for an event or two. We have some serious know-how we can share with you, and great facilities to make it happen. There is alot you can gain from your involvement. Get to help and mentor youth, support your local artists and social service, and even get to create your own shirts.

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